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This start-up from St.Gallen unites tradition, science and innovation to place fasting in the focus of a healthy lifestyle. Simply described, scientifically proven, accessible to everyone. Today, they offer a special online course for anyone who wants to jump in and learn more about the advantages and approach of fasting – free of charge. Sign up now!

With Paastoa, creative innovations meet centuries-old practices to provide know-how support in fasting. “It’s much more than just not eating,” Paastoa team claims. Behind their solution are scientific findings and bio-health research that prove extraordinary benefits of the practice. Cleansing of the entire body, lowering of blood pressure, skin regeneration and rejuvenation, energy boost belong to the long list of therapeutic effects of fasting.

The founder and CEO of Paastoa, Raphael Rohner, is a serial entrepreneur from the beauty tech sector. His former business – high-end beauty products Beneva Black – was as promising that it was bought by a Swiss giant Gidor Group. With Paastoa, Raphael goes even further and sets himself an ambitious goal: to help as many people as possible to become healthier and happier by integrating fasting into their lifestyle.

“I founded this company because I experienced the outstanding benefits of fasting on myself and on a good friend. Then I realized that almost nobody knows about it and knows how to do it. I’m going to change that” – says Raphael.

Nutritional scientists, medical experts and technical professionals worked together to develop efficient and healthy fasting programs for Paastoa. The company also developed its own line of dietary supplements Cell+ with cell regenerating and anti-aging products (all bio and vegan).

Our mission is to bring fasting into the focus of a healthy lifestyle. We do this by explaining fasting to you, accompanying and supporting you during fasting and providing you with innovative products to improve your health” – explains Raphael Rohner.

Interval fasting proved to be helpful in strengthening the immune system, which is particularly relevant right now. Therefore, due to the corona crisis, Paastoa decided to offer its first complete online course free of charge from May 1st. Join in right now and learn how to activate cleansing and regeneration processes in the body, how to integrate fasting into your regular life regime and receive dozens of video lessons and expert tips from fasting researcher Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig.

Join this free online course by following the link:

And learn more about Paastoa and its vision here:

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