Content Rights

On Happy Monday, we pay special attention to the published materials and meet all legal requirements regarding the rights holders. We respect the rights of our content creators, they be photos, videos, or texts, and expect the same respect from our users.

1. Contents, Published by Us

All texts, images, and videos that we publish in our articles are the property of Happy Monday and are protected by copyright laws. Any reproduction, commercial use, distribution, or partial modification of our materials in any form is prohibited. This website is for personal, non-commercial use and viewing only.


  • We thank and for the opportunity to officially use some of the photos on our website. Due to the specific structure of the individual pages of our website, we do not always cite the name of each artist, but as this is permitted by the administrators of these resources, we do not violate their copyright and would like to thank the authors of each image we use. Thank you very much!
  • Although we do not allow the copying of texts and photos from this site without our permission, we always welcome users repostings via the integrated features of the site, e.g.,, the “repost” buttons of social networking sites. Thank you for sharing our materials in their original format! By doing this, you help us to inform more readers about interesting people, companies, and projects.

Approval of Texts and Images

All articles that we publish about people, companies, or projects are subject to a written agreement with the respective contact person. We approve all final text and images with the person(s), and only after we have written permission do we publish the content.

After publishing the articles, the texts and images published on the pages of the site are the property of Happy Monday indefinitely, and their use may not be contested or revoked. The only exceptions are images made available to us independently by the heroes of the publications. Thus, when placing such materials, we will indicate their source and the copyright holder.

All of the content on this website is presented in three languages: English, German, and Russian. We translate each text manually and make sure that its semantic and contextual content is the same in each language. However, please note that translations may vary slightly due to differences in grammar and semantic constructs between different languages. These differences allow us to convey the meaning of each of them as accurately as possible while keeping the texts clear and vivid.

2. Content Published by You

You can publish article comments, reviews, and other materials in custom sections that have been (or will be) created for this purpose. You are the copyright owner of this content, but if you publish it on our website, you grant us the unrestricted right to use, copy, adapt, translate, publish, or transmit it for the purposes of our project free of charge, without limitation and without territorial restrictions. Keep in mind that this only applies to the content that you post publicly, so any information that you transmit through personal correspondence (e.g., e-mail) remains private and will always be protected by our Privacy Policy.

About the Substance of User-Generated Content

We do not review your comments and other user content prior to publication as this is done automatically upon your confirmation. However, we reserve the right to remove user-generated content without notice if it:

  • Has a negative, insulting character
  • Promotes or emphasizes any form of individual or group inequality
  • Contains illegal material (i.e., violence, cruelty, pornography, fraud, attempted computer viruses, copyright infringement, etc.)
  • Contains any personal data of third parties (contacts, links, name, photo, etc.)
  • Looks like spam or content created by automatic generators
  • Is of a religious or political nature
  • Is a direct advertisement that has not been approved by the administrators of the site

We are not responsible for any content posted by users of this site, but we do our best to keep this area free from any negative or offensive material of any kind. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any user-generated content at any time if we consider it questionable or in violation of our policies.

By using our website, you acknowledge and accept these rules.

Your help is very valuable.

If you notice questionable comments, negative statements of any kind, or other suspicious user-generated content, please let us know by emailing us at We would be very grateful and will respond as quickly as possible.