The most magical sleepover parties for kids

This fantastic idea makes even adults wish we were children now. Teepee Friends is a sleepover party service that offers handmade teepees and magical decorations for rent. This Zurich-based company creates absolutely dreamlike moments for your kids, their friends or the whole family. The special #selfisolation option is available now. Because childhood cannot be put on hold.

Do you want to surprise your kids  with a spectacular birthday party or organize a warm family gathering to remember? Teepee Friends sleepover will bring your children (and you!) into a real fairytale.

Ági Bärlocher, founder of the Teepee Friends, mother of two and professional interior designer, tells us about her project.

I started Teepee Friends because I believe that childhood is the most magical time of our lives. My handmade teepees in various colors offer kids a dreamlike wonderland in which they can bond with their closest friends or their siblings during a sleepover party and truly make memories for life.

At the same time, I want to give busy mothers a new idea for unique birthday parties which are conveniently organised for them so they can focus on spending quality time with their families. They can take care of their kids and guests while I take care of the rest.”

The service is as easy as 1-2-3: choose your favorite teepee style from seven wonderful options, book your package online, have it delivered and set up (or just pick it up yourself if preferred). That’s all! Enjoy the most fabulous kids’ sleepover you’ve ever seen.

Fairy lights, lanterns, tray tables, hand-picked decorations as well as super soft blankets and high quality foam mattresses are already included in the package. Do you want to make it even more special? Add a few little extras such as personalized name plaques, craft kits or spa sets.

Teepee Friends believe that for childhood there is no time like the present, which is why they have created a special offer for current circumstances. Now you can book less than 3 teepees at once, so that even a small number of guests or your own children at home can experience big magic moments.

Every fairy tale has a fascinating plot, and the story of Teepee Friends creation is no exception. Here’s to the exciting entrepreneurial journey of Ági Bärlocher:

In none of my jobs have I ever felt the way my customers make me feel after they have had their Teepee Friends party.

“I was born in Hungary, raised in Germany, have studied and worked in Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Spain, France and Italy. I had a corporate career in the digital economy until 2012, when I left my executive position at Google and decided to turn everything upside down. That’s how at the age of 35, I started studying for a master’s degree in interior design in Milan. A huge jump into the unknown, phew, that was quite a ride!

After graduation, I got an internship job in an architectural firm in Zurich and worked my way up with exhibition design and smaller architectural projects. While I was working at the company for 4.5 years, my two daughters were born. That’s when I realized that I needed and wanted to find something that was doable with two little girls and a busy husband. Furthermore, I wished to combine my passion for interior design, crafts and marketing and at the same time give my daughters a little more magic in their childhood.

I remembered that when I was a kid, me and my friends would often have sleepovers in our basement. I wanted to recreate this feeling of bonding and adventure for the kids and organize it in the safety of a familiar setting. Driven by this idea, I started woodworking, sewing and assembling decorative items from my many travels abroad. That is how almost two years ago Teepee Friends was founded.

I must tell, in none of my corporate jobs have I ever felt the way my customers make me feel after they have had their party or seen their tepees fully set up. I want to expand on that and am working hard to grow my one-woman business to a team soon. I miss working in a team and being able to share wins and ideas together. And the thanks you`s!

Children only have one childhood and I would love to help you make it as special as possible for them”.

Find out more about the Teepee Friends and their services here:


Photo credit: @teepee_friends and @_thismodernmuse

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