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About Happy Monday
The online magazine about Swiss entrepreneurs

Happy Monday is an online magazine about budding entrepreneurs in Switzerland: people who are just starting their businesses and those who have already succeeded in turning their ideas into reality.

The path of every brand is unique, because behind it is the personal experience of its creators, their goals, their dreams, their ideas, and their motivation. We believe in projects created with the desire to change the world for the better, in people driven by a desire to discover, and in ideas that are shaped by the benefits for others. Furthermore, we attach particular importance to honesty, professional ethics, and creativity.

Idea of the project

Inspiration, idea and purpose of Happy Monday Magazine:
Introduction video with the project’s creator Marina Starshinova


Dream big. Start slow. Act now.

Recommend the entrepreneur or the project

Do you know an interesting company, aspiring entrepreneur, or business expert? We would appreciate your recommendation and will be happy to write about these brands/people in future articles.

To give us a feedback or to recommend a person or project, please send an email to Marina, the magazine’s editor, at info@demobytes.xyz.

We appreciate all of your advice and thank you for reading Happy Monday!

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