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This Geneva-based start-up is creating a platform to offer high quality European products that respect all major food intolerances. Lactose free, gluten free, vegan and much more. Here, the founders of the project explain their concept and warmly call on everyone to support their crowdfunding initiative.

Justine Jeremiah, project’s creators:

“We realized how hard it was to cook for friends and family when there are so many people suffering from food intolerances. We decided it was time to become superheroes and bring together quality products in Switzerland to help them enjoy food every day.

Furthermore, our platform is more than just an online shop. We also have a special reward system inspired by video games: every time you complete a mission, you increase your level and receive benefits and gifts in return.

And of course we collect and share a lot of tips and recipes to spread the love of cooking. Deliveries will be available throughout Switzerland, and the website is scheduled for launch at the end of 2020.

To start the business, we are raising funds, which is why we have opened the Crowdfunding : https://wemakeit.com/projects/eldino We only have until April 19 to receive 100% of our target amount (24’000 CHF) – otherwise we receive nothing. We are already at 82%, almost there! Every single contribution is very valuable. Please check out our project, our pages and the crowdfunding video. If you like what we do, we would greatly appreciate your support”.

Learn more about Eldino:

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