Like Mother Like Daughter

Beauty and power of understanding

Martha and Alexandra, mother and daughter in life and in business, are passionate about helping other families build meaningful and healthy relationships. As Europe’s leading communication experts for mothers and daughters, they lead their clients on a powerful journey from emotional absence to mutual understanding and support.

“It’s not about communicating with our own mother or daughter, it’s about communicating with the world.”

Martha and Alexandra envision a world in which every mother and daughter connect, communicate and bond with each other. Not only to grow personally, professionally and spiritually for themselves, but also to create a solid foundation for future generations.

Only where there is a space for free communication, acceptance and tolerance, will there be the freedom to express and enhance one’s true self. Martha and Alexandra firmly believe that these conditions are essential for building a harmonious community and society. That is why they are dedicated to helping women transform their lives by acknowledging their unique nature.

Originally from Latin America, Martha and Alexandra have lived and travelled globally for the last 20 years, filling the hearts of thousands of women with memorable moments. Currently living in Switzerland, they continue to guide mothers and daughters from all over the world in their journey towards a fulfilling relationship.

Private mentoring, workshops, weekend getaways, retreats, online courses – each Like Mother Like Daughter program is professionally structured and based on the extensive experience and knowledge of the founders. They constantly learn from and work with world-class mentors, coaches, speakers and psychologists to ensure the most effective approach in their services.

“Our mentoring and coaching business was born out of a desire to share the joy and wealth of our own relationship with other mothers and daughters for them to embrace and experience the reward of this genuine connection. We want to create change — one mother, one daughter at a time, for future generations to come.” – Martha and Alexandra.

Learn more about Martha and Alexandra and their mentoring programs for mothers and daughters:

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