We’ve Just Started!

Welcome to the Happy Monday pages!

Are you already reading us? If so, then we are very pleased and happy because we have just opened this website and, of course, feel a little nervous.

The creation of this project was inspired by the entrepreneurs we know, and whose tireless pursuit of their dreams break through all stereotypes. They are truly admirable. Take the immigrant who built a successful company in Switzerland all by herself, registered 3 of her own brands, and became an international trainer and speaker in the beauty industry. Take a family with small children who moved to Thailand without a plan or contract, then built up a large real estate agency and published a book for travelers over the next few years. Or, a sound producer who set up a studio in the basement of his house and now creates soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters. Or, an experienced PR manager who left her office career to become a confectioner with her own distinct style.

Looking at these and dozens of other business stories from real people, we have seen that the road to success for them is often difficult, not trivial. We wondered: What helps them to get ahead and achieve their goals? and Why do they succeed in doing what others only dream of? We haven’t found a universal answer to these questions, but we have realized that each of these stories can be very inspiring and motivating when you know the details within them.

That’s why, on the Happy Monday pages, we tell honest and profound stories about entrepreneurs, their projects, and the paths to their development. We don’t publish stories as advertisement, but we do openly talk about both sides of the coin – about the difficulties as well as the successes. We hope that this format will help to look at business projects through the prism of their creators, to see how many possibilities each of us has regardless of where we start, and perhaps to inspire someone to take the next step.

Thank you for joining us! We wish you a very Happy Monday!

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