Which Entrepreneur Would You Like to Read About in the Next Article?


In July 2019, we launched this website to tell inspiring and honest stories about aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland. We wanted to tell stories about how ideas are born and how they are turned into reality despite doubts and failures – stories in which the roads to success are not always like a smooth German highway – but that’s exactly that makes them interesting!

The path of every brand is unique because behind it lies a personal experience of its creators with goals, dreams, ideas, and motivation. We believe in projects created with the intention to change the world for the better, in people driven by a desire to discover, and in ideas that are shaped by the benefits for others. Furthermore, we attach particular importance to honesty, professional ethics and passion.

These are the projects we want to talk about on our pages. If you know a company, an entrepreneur, or an expert who reflects these values, we would be very grateful for your recommendation.

Let us know about a business project or a person about whom you would like to read in one of our future publications by sending an e-mail to Marina, our magazine editor at info@happymonday.ch.

We appreciate every recommendation and thank you for reading Happy Monday!

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