Procrastinate to Succeed

Procrastinate to Succeed and 3 More Useful Tips for Entrepreneurs From Adam Grant

Adam Grant, an American professor of organizational psychology, is not only known for his scientific work, but also for publishing three books that have become bestsellers according to the New York Times. In 2015, he received the prestigious title of Young Global Leader from a Geneva-based non-profit organization, and in 2016, he was nominated for Fortune’s 40 under 40 list.

There are many useful ideas and tips in Adam Grant’s works, and in this article, we have selected his 4 most inspiring thoughts for entrepreneurs.

  1. Procrastination is Useful

Postponing actions for “later” contributes to the creative process and to generating more effective solutions. If we delay making decisions for a while, the brain constantly works to find the best options and ideas for us. This gives us a greater variety of creative solutions to choose from. However, the most important thing to remember is to keep balance because decisions that take too long or are made in haste have a negative impact on the outcome.

  1. The More Mistakes, the Greater the Success

The secret of successful people lies not in the absolute brilliance of a single idea, but in the fact that they continue to search, even after numerous misfortunes. Most geniuses in different fields began with multiple failures and mistakes, but success came to them because they did not stop trying and made the greatest number of attempts.

  1. Fear Helps to Move Forward

Everyone is afraid – this is a natural reaction of the body to the unknown. The creation of a new project is one of the most frightening decisions because the results are never known in advance. That is why even the most successful entrepreneurs are afraid. Despite this, the real engine for them is another, even greater fear – not trying. In the long run, we don’t regret the mistakes that we have made, but the actions that we have not taken.

  1. Give More to Get More

In his bestseller, “Give and Take,” Adam Grant explains why those who willingly and selflessly help others achieve the most. By providing their time, knowledge, and support, they create win-win situations that benefit everyone in the long-run. Without expecting anything in return, these people are admired and respected, which increases their social prestige and creates a genuine desire to help them on an even greater scale in return.

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