Praise yourself for these 3 qualities

Psychologists recommend that budding entrepreneurs praise themselves and enjoy the process of project development more often, rather than constantly subjecting themselves to the stress of “perfect” results.

No matter how difficult the business path may be, you always have at least three reasons to be proud including:

  1. Courage

Studies have shown that most people in modern industrialized countries would like to be entrepreneurs, but only about 2-7% of them, depending on the country, do so. Fear is often the main obstacle – fear of failure, financial instability, negative career consequences, and so on. Becoming an entrepreneur is always a risk, and thus, fears are often associated with it, but it is those who act despite their fear of failure that become successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Independence

The decision to work independently is based on the willingness to take control and, above all, to take responsibility into one’s own hands. As an employee, one is only responsible for the quality of his or her work area. Becoming an entrepreneur on the other hand, means taking responsibility for the entire process: income and expenses, business development, successes, and failures. The good news is that this is inevitably associated with rapid growth and self-development, which is difficult to accomplish in any other way.

  1. Creativity

Starting your own business or project usually begins with a creative process aimed at developing a unique or new-and-improved product. Entrepreneurs invest a lot of mental and physical effort to ensure that their work improves a particular industry or area of customer life, truly changing the world for the better. This is how societies and civilizations evolve – through the ideas, efforts, and innovations of creative individuals.

Thank you for making this world a better place!

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