“With courage, you can move mountains”

Rive Claire

Vegan apple material, elegant bohemian style, 10% of sales donated to charity; the new sustainable handbag brand Rive Claire has many memorable features. Its founder, Audrey Nussbaumer, combines inspiration from Hampton beach chic, designs from Paris and craftsmanship from Italy to offer her unique line of bags in Zurich.

“The values of this brand reflect my personality – passionate, committed, respectful of others and preserving,” says Audrey Nussbaumer, founder of Rive Claire.

Rive Claire stands for ecological luxury fashion. High-quality organic materials support the brand’s commitment to sustainability, while exclusive sophisticated design promises chic and comfort. Ethical production is ensured through partnerships with manufacturers in Italy who guarantee fair working conditions. Finally, the careful selection of vegan and environmentally friendly fabrics contributes to a modern fashion with care for the planet.

The Rive Claire brand is launching three lines of bags: vegan apple material, organic cotton and Vienna Straw. Each of them is thoughtfully developed to combine exquisite design, high-quality materials and manufacturing know-how. The vegan collection, for example, consists of an innovative fabric solution: apple leather – apple leftovers mixed with a cotton and polyurethane base and dyed with organic pigments. The GOTS certification for the Rive Claire organic cotton line guarantees environmentally friendly production. The Vienna Straw collection is made from Indonesian vine palm and is produced using a special technique to obtain the required thickness of the threads.

In addition, Rive Claire presents a supplementary collection of accessories – POSITIVE – with the mission to promote humanity and solidarity. 10% of the profits from each item sold in this collection will be donated to charity.

“The values of this brand reflect my personality – passionate, committed, respectful of others and preserving,” says Audrey Nussbaumer, founder of Rive Claire. “Thus, these collections represent true emotion and authenticity, are developed with enthusiasm and creativity and combine luxury fashion with respect for nature.”

To ensure consistency with these values, Audrey Nussbaumer goes above and beyond in the selection of partners, designers and manufacturers and promises full transparency to Rive Claire’s clients. She chooses fine organic materials and elegant design to offer beautiful, sustainable fashion for trendy women passionate about life and travel.


Audrey Nussbaumer grew up in Southern Alsace and has incorporated local values – sharing and caring for others. After graduating from business school in Strasbourg, she worked as a marketing manager for a company specializing in luxury products for the home. Having moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, she was determined to make the most of her professional experience in the luxury goods segment while making a positive impact on the environment.

“I have a long-standing passion for entrepreneurship, having parents who are entrepreneurs and craftsmen themselves”, – remarks Audrey.

“So I grew up in a culture of well-done work, dedication and customer service. I considered becoming an entrepreneur several years ago, but it took me some time to think about it and find the opportunity to do so.

I knew from the beginning that entrepreneurship requires hard work, long days and personal sacrifice. But as soon as I found my true passion in creating sustainable luxury goods, everything started to develop exponentially. Now I know that courage can move mountains. And I am determined to do so with my new Rive Claire brand.”

The Rive Claire online shop is expected to be launched in September 2020 and will deliver throughout Switzerland and Europe. In addition, customers will be able to discover Rive Claire products this autumn and winter at some pop-up events in major Swiss and French cities.

Follow the Rive Claire pages to find out more and stay tuned for the brand’s events:

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